ERPNext VM for 10-15 person company


I plan to deploy one ERPNext VM for one company with following data:

Max users: 10-15
Products: 6000 or 30000 (they have 2 product databases, read 6000=most commonly sold products, 30000=all the potential products that can be ordered, if it’s not a problem I would go with larger number)
Clients: 2000+
Type of business: Sales
Sales persons: 5-7
Mobile use: For sales persons
They have good internet connection and already have one PC which is working round the clock.
Mainly ERPNext will be used to generate sales orders from mobile users, generate invoices and delivery notes.

I would like to go with Virtual instance on local server but don’t know what performance should the PC have and is it necessary to make changes to the VM regarding performance.

Thank you,

What is the specs of your PC?

My test PC, where I prepare the installation and import data is laptop with i7, 12Gb Ram, 1Tb HDD, VM is Bitnami ERPNext standard VM without any modification, Win10 and latest VirtualBox.

For the time being, I don’t know the spec’s of the PC that needs to be server.

On my laptop is working fine, I can not find any issues but I am still loading data and making other settings. I have just finished with upload of 5000+ products and tomorrow would like to run some realtime tests in order to see how it goes.

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Its good to use online vps. You can buy digital ocean. $20 per month plan will work.

For data security and update frappe cloud hosting is highly recommended.

Also use erpnext ubuntu virtual box image, you can restore your database to digital or frappe cloud anytime.

So you can run test cycle in local server and us. cloud server for production setup.



Hi kolate_sambhaji,

Thank you for your reply,

Going online will be second phase, first I would like to go with local server, while I teach the end-users how to use the new system, to explore everything that is needed in order to have fully working solution and when everything is set-up and working then I plan to offer them one of the on-line packages.

That’s why I want to know if there will be some potential problems with VM instead of dedicated server or online server.



You can test erpnext localy, even using private IP or your employee acess your erpsite from mobile and do transaction.
May be you have to face some problem like internet connectivity and update. But we(community forum) are happy to help you on taking update and restore db if you need any help.

There is no any potiential problem. To be more safe, Just setup daily backup and drop-box backup.