ERPNext VM .ova on VirtualBox - ok for production use?

I am just beginning to use the ERPNext VM .ova download (I downloaded it here,

But someone who is more knowledgeable than I am on ICT matters has just told me the ERPNext VM .ova download is mainly meant for evaluation purposes and not suggested for production use. I understand this to mean that we cannot use it to setup and make entries for our company.

I find this very confusing because the site ( from where I downloaded, it says this VM download is a Download Production Image.

Please help.

Please does anyone have an answer to this? I would really appreciate your help.



It was, but there is a process right now to upgrade to version 11.

In this case please let roll out the new version then you obligate to have stable version.

Of course if you not update then you are ready to use, but without lot of good things…

The VM image is good to get always ready to use snapshot/backups,
but for production the best way is to install the app from scratch.

IMO : For little companies can be used for production.



Thank you very much.

I use VM on my company (10 people) works like charm :slight_smile:

Yup I have to agree - old dual processor quad core boxes work wonders.

Between snapshots, lvm what’s not to like.

I must learn Docker or Vagrant to get what that excitement is about.