ERPNext Vs SAP Business One

Hi there,
doing a consultancy for a company that is going to implement SAP Business One.
I would try to get them on ERPNext instead, but would need some comprehensive comparison sheet,
any advice on this?
Talking about a manufacturing company, with engineering to be managed, MRP, EBOM, MBOM…
Does ERPNext support those requirements?

Thanks for your help.


ERPNext supports the features you require.

I would strongly recommend playing in a demo company and evaluating it for yourself.
Business One has very strong financials and a good name so your convincing your prospect will be more than a blow by blow fact sheet.

I am well experienced with Business One and ERPNext and am happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding a gap analysis of the two

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Good afternoon, I have integrated ERPNext to SAP Business One, so you can utilize the full benefits of both systems. Please have a look at the following slide, and let me know if you are interested or if you have any specific questions: SAP B1 to ERPNext Integration - Google Slides

Thanks, David


Hi @David_Stegnitz,
What a fantastic effort. Will not use it myself, since i only run a small shop. It is a pity that only the readers of this list will read this. Would be nice if this gets also posted on SAP lists.
Further: hope that your efforts will be Open Source so that other may( re-) use & benefit from it.
rgds Robert

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@David_Stegnitz great. Did you make an ERPNext app? IF you can build documentation, will be happy to post at Not Found

Hi @rmehta, hi @becht_robert,
thank you for your responses. There have only be some very slight code-changes in the RESTful API of ERPNext in general, which I have documented and shared in the following post, and which would be great if we could add this to the Core system in general, as it is a a general API Improvement (not just for the SAP B1 Integration):

Other than this, the only thing required on ERPNext are some custom fields, which I can export as a Excel File and share it to make it available for being imported into other ERPNext Company.

All the HTTP Calls are being hosted on the SAP B1 Server, utilizing the B1if (Business One Integration Framework). This product is managed by SAP and hence cannot be open source. My integration is focusing on SAP B1 Customers who are looking for the advantages described in my PPT, and then can benefit from the ERPNext Integration. I believe this is a bit of a different point of view, and is unrelated to a ERPNext Module/App which could be shared in a source code. I see that my biggest contribution for ERPNext is, that thru my pre-invested effort there are now thousands of potential new Customers for ERPNext: I’m referring to existing SAP Business One Customers, and their benefits of getting the integration could be huge. These new Customers will have change requests, might sponsor some new features, require ERPNext Experts and need a hosting solution. I would be happy to discuss a potential cooperation in this area.

Thank you and best regards,

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@David_Stegnitz Thanks for the update. Please send a pull-request for your changes so that they can be accepted under your authorship :smile:

Our goal for ERPNext is to build it in a true open-source spirit, so we are happy to encourage all community efforts whether they have direct benefit to ERPNext or not.

Regarding cloud, we are thinking of setting up a commission based re-seller model for the ERPNext Cloud, your views will be welcome.

@rmehta thanks, I created the pull request on Github.