ERPNext Web Portal

Hi Guys,

I am confused while creating web portal for Products. I did everything to render the products on my web portal. But I just failed to do so.

Kindly check the information given below about how i tried to do so.

I made entry for Portal menu item in my custom app web hook (i.e

After this I also execute sudo supervisorctl restart all and bench migrate commands.
but products are still not in products list.

I also check this information is already added in portal item table.Kindly also check the screenshot attached below:

I also checked item to show on website in Item Master.

Individual Item is showing web site but doesn’t display in portal products list:


There is one more thing, I also found product route is also added in website setting, I tried to remove from there but still it didn’t work for me.

Please correct me If I missed out something.

Hi navdeepghai, did you find a solution for this?