ERPNext Web Routes List on Frappecloud

Hi guys, just started using ERPNext on Frappecloud and it is such a great product. Also, the community here is also active and helping.

For me, I am trying to get to a page on Frappecloud where I can see a list of ALL web route paths so that I can disable some of those which aren’t relevant to my use case.

For example: In the starter home page, there is a link to products with the path “/all-products”. I want to disable the path. I am able to change it to "/all-services and make changes through web page module on Frappecloud but I want to disable “/all-products” and show a 404 error. I am unable to do this as I cannot find a list of web routes on the frappecloud dashboard to start with. There could be many such URLs which one would like to disable.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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