ERPNext Webinar for the Educational Institutes on 2nd of July, 2018

Hello Community,

Join our next webinar to learn how to setup the ERPNext for any educational institute. We will be discussing following modules of ERPNext useful in the Educational Institutes.

  • Education
  • Human Resource
  • Stock
  • Assets
  • Website

It is scheduled on Monday, July 2, 2018 at 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM IST (GMT +5:30 hrs).

To join the meeting, please follow the link given below.

If you want us to cover something specific, please feel free to comment here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Manas Solanki


Thanks for updates there is any new features in Education domain

At the heart of any school is how the students report sheet is handled.Strongly desire that students assessment and report generation should be emphasised in the training.

@amit_vaid and @Fred1 We will be covering the Student Report Card and how can you use other modules of the ERPNext along with the Education module.


@ManasSolanki I would be interested to know, how can we use ERPnext as a core application for educational institue and use Edmodo for more micro level details.

How can i do integration between two platforms ? So, student information system would be ERPnext and Class level activities would be done in edmodo!

It would be interesting to note what additional functionality ‘edmodo’ offers which could be integrated into the future development of ERPNext education module. Community members like you who understand the functionality could contribute and guide the developers to make it one single tool.

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@ManasSolanki, is this webinar happening now? the time is already up now.

Kindly update us.It is passed the scheduled start up time

@Fred1 do you know if this webinar was ever held and if the report card was ever discussed? As it stands the report card generation tool isn’t fit for purpose as it does not render the report card in standard format. It merely lists courses and assessment criteria in different tables rather than render in a single table with columns and total score listed.