ERPNext with a BI Tool

Morning guys,

Is there any BI tool I can integrate with ERP Next to get my reports at real time. I am very conversant with Qlikview and would love a BI tool that can give me my reports.

Any idea please?


Hope you have checked in-built analytics reports in ERPNext.

Selling > Sales Analytics
Buying > Purchase Analytics
Accounts > Profitability Report
Accounts > Financial Statements

For now, there is no out-of-the-box connector for BI tool in ERPNext. Someone in the community has built connector for Jasper report. May be time to check with the developers and check for the possibility to have it contributed back into ERPNext. @luisfmfernandes :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response.

I thought i could get a report I can play with into a graphical
representation and all.

But However I will check the Jasper Report.

Thank you once again.

Hi @kolotayo,
There is one more option if you would like to try. Zoho Reports.
It is paid service but you can try their free plan with data limitations to (0.1 million).

You can import your data to their server using the Import Data from Files l Zoho Analytics Help.

You may find this thread interesting


Thank You for sharing will try this out.

I am using this fork of jasper reports integration on my self hosted environment.

It fixes some bugs in the saguas one.

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