ERPNext with PWA (via Rest API or wooCommerce?)

Hey friends,

I’m new with ERPNext and this is my first project. So please bear with me, if I may asked sometimes a little more.

I want to use ERPNext for my manufacturing and stock management. As Storefront I want to have a PWA, preferring VueStorefront.

Generally there should be 2 options to get this done, I don’t know if that could work as I think it should?

Option 1: Use the ERPNext Rest API to connect directly to VueStorefront custom build so that ERPNext would do the job of an eCommerce Backend, while vueStorefront is the storefront that consumers see.
Would that be possible with the Rest API or would it be too complicated?

Option 2: Connect ERPNext with WooCommerce, probably using WooCommerce Connect to get ERPNext and WooCommerce synchronize both ways? And than build the VueStorefront with WooCommerce Connection (Example github: /DivanteLtd/woocommerce2vuestorefront). In this Options ERPNext does the stock management, wooCommerce would be my eCommerce Backend and VueStorefront again the Storefront. This options seems for me quicker to do, as all single parts seemingly exist and hopefully work? Yet it is an work around with an extra system.

Maybe someone can comment on these options or advise me on their experience with wooCommerce and ERPNext or Costume Builds with the Rest API.

Thx a lot!

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