Erpnext with vagrant or without

Hi i’m new with erpnext and here, well when i use erpnext with vagrant i can’t edit my code because when i shared the folder frappe-bench it comes empty inside VM, and if i make a new folder e share apparently it point to frappe-bench even if i copy the symbolic links and all frappe-bench to shared folder, someone know how can i resolve this issue ou if is better use without a VM?


I don’t believe you can share an existing guest path with your host on vagrant.

If you have an editor that can handle ssh connections use that.

You didn’t mention what OS you have. Depending on your setup, if you are already on linux or macos you could setup sshfs to mount your vagrant path on your host instead.

On windows you can use something like mountain duck to create virtual drives pointing to your vagrant guest.

ok thanks for help.

Not sure if you are alr solved the problem but my simple trick is just to copy the folder out after set up. And then put synced_folders in Vagrantfile. So far it works very well.

I have a post on that ERPNext set up with Vagrant