ERPNext with WooCommerce in v11

Has someone used Woocommerce Integration successful?
I made all steps from
but haven’t received any sync.

How is your EPRNext deployed? It the URL publicly available? Where is your WordPress hosted?

Keep in mind the woocommerce connector is one way. From Web to ERPNext. You can’t push data (Customers, items and order updates) to WooCommerce.

I tried it but wouldn’t bother using it as it’s fairly useless if you want to have a proper integrated web store.

Hi, thanks for you answer)
Yes, ERPNext has publicly available URL. Sorry, I don’t understood what you mean by

do you mean country?

Yes, I know that it just sync from Orders from WooCommerce to ERPNext(and if needed items, customers) but even this little sync isn’t working(

I wasn’t sure if your Wordpress and ERPNext was hosted externally or available externally.

You could use Postman to test your ULRs and Authentication.

Hi, a big thank you for your help
Yes, it works with Postman

I still need some help