ERPNext with WooCommerce

We have integrating WooCommerce with ERPNext for Sales successfully. Sales order are also created in ERPNext for the order created using WooCommerce, but I have query regarding how to link Items of the ERPNext and the WooCommerce Products.

Another issue is whenever single item order is created using WooCommerce, the sales order is created but when the order of same item is created second time, the sales order are not created in ERPNext.

If anyone having solutions to these issues, kindly reply.

Hey @naushadmujawar,

Let us know whether are you using native woo-commerce integration or any custom connector to fulfill your requirements?

If you using native, try this recommended custom app: GitHub - libracore/WooCommerceConnector: Integration App for ERPNext to connect to WooCommerce and let us know if you still facing same challenges!

Good day :slight_smile:

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I am using native WooCommerce integration.

Thanks for the solution. I’ll try and let you know.

Question, is this meant to be used along with the ERPNext WooCommerce Integration or INSTEAD of?