ERPNext Woocommerce No JSON object could be decoded error

Hello all,

I implemented ERPNext with Woocommerce which sync order when any order placed.

ERPNext version is 12, and woocommerce_sync is using in ERPNext for syncing purposes.

for simple product its showing all the product sync,

But for variable product it’s giving error and also syncing is not happen and showing error in Woocommerce Log List.

I try to trace the error but seem nothing to work,

please check below attachment for the error log.

Please help me out in this

Thank you

Hi copy and paste the complete traceback for all to benefit and respond, thanks!

A screenshot does not promote forum searches and code browsing

No JSON object could be decoded · Issue #19118 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

@clarkej you means that, you are not getting what i’m trying to say.

What other things you need to know from my side ?

My suggestion is for you to post your stack trace in a workable form?

Ohh, ok thank you for suggestions .

i think, above i provide enough information what i’m trying to achieve.

My guess is you updated and migrated your instance to current from an earlier version and are running obsolete code - maybe restore your data to a fresh V12 install?