ERPv13- Error from a Workspace shortcut/Link to a report

Im creating a custom App and having trouble with creating a shortcut to a report on my workspace.

I first created a report from the report view of a doctype by filtering the values the way I need and then saving it in some name.

Then on the workspace I click customize, select ‘new Shortcut’, and then fill in the following:
Type: report, LinkTo: {createdReport} , Label : some Label.
Then Save, and refresh the page to see the short cut on the workspace.
However when i click on it , it says : Page {reportname} not found

I can also see the address it expects the report to be at to be : /app/{reportname}/view/report
whereas the actual address the report is at , when i go through the doctype is

Can someone help me with this?

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I’m having the same problem. What I tried is to put the Link to the report in the Link Cards section instead of Shortcuts, but I’m getting the same issue.

I have the same problem with linking custom reports in cards. I get an extra forward slash in URL. So instead of URL being …/app/report/REPORT-NAME, it’s …/app//report/REPORT-NAME

Any ideas how to resolve this?

same problem here. when open edit shortcut… the Link To field is emty… if i do this 2 more time… the fiels is okay and the right fiels is there…

I see the reports in Link To fields and those links are okay. But, no matter what, when I access to the module as a regular user, the link to report gets an extra forward slash between app and report in URL. Very annoying and strange bug.

Hi @ronche90,

Could you please create a Github Issue for this if one doesn’t exist already ?

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@wale I’ve managed to SOLVE this. What I didn’t know is that the “Dependencies” field inside the Edit row must have a value “Task” if report is related to taks, “Timesheet” if report is related to timesheets. The strangest thing is that this is Data type field instead of Link field. So user must know exactly what is the correct name of the dependency. It would be much better if in some of the future releases this field becomes a link type field and mandatory because without the value in it, the reports are not working.

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@ronche90 I’m facing similar issue but it’s with Doctype in my case, the link to the Doctype is not working and there is no dependency field inside the Edit row. Any more ideas on what could be the problem or solution?

@s_Mafutta Give the Doctype name. It works. Am using v14.