ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Erpnext cloud: solara

One hour ago we got ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT for in cloud.
We are located in Miami Florida USA.
Please help. Thank you

Hello, we are fixing this problem. Should be another ~20 mins before we can fix it. Sorry for the delay. Our proxy server went down (the only one for which we did not have a mirror)

Same problem here. We are connected from HONG KONG.

Same problem Here, we are connected from Houston

same problem here , we connected from Egypt

It is now one and a half hour from the problem it happened. We are in hurry to access to system. Please advise when this can be fixed. Thanks~~

Same here…no connection with the cloud…netherlands

same thing here in Canada

Same here in India as well…not able to access the frappe cloud

I am able to login now

Thanks !!

Sorry for the delay. The issue is fixed now.

Will write out a detailed report tomorrow.