Erroneous permission error

Hi all,

I’m just wondering if anyone experienced multiple permission error

I’m not quite sure which doctype this are as it doesn’t show even in the console and also it is erroneous as it doesn’t prevent the user from continuing the action.

We are currently on

ERPNext: v13.42.3
Frappe Framework: v13.45.3

Also for more information the user roles is

and this happens on cacellation of sales invoice

I Edited this part of the frappe.permissions code to show more information of the doctype name

Below is the result

Seems like it doesnt make sense. you can see that it evens return permission error on the sales invoice

Seems like it is caused by the has_permission checked code in


Looking at it seems like it is not supposed to be doing anything as that method returns true or false but there is no else action.

Will open an issue