Error 1146 (42S02): table mysql.mysql doesn't exist

While installing erpnext and run a command for mysql database which is sudo mysql -u root -p. After that, i change the database by using command use mysql and after changing the database to mysql ,again type a command in mysql database given below:-

MariaDB [mysql]> select * from mysql where user = ‘root’ ;
Then i got error :- error 1146 (42S02): table mysql.mysql doesn’t exist

mysql database does not have mysql table

Then, What to do to configure MYSQL for command sudo mysql -u root -p

What you want to do? What kind of configurations you want to change?

when i do this i got the errors.

when i am using

and after successfull installation of frappe, i got the that ERROR: no such command - new site when i am creating a new site


Can you share the use case?

What things/issues/configurations landed you to mysql console?