Error 404 when accessing domain while logged in


Not sure if this is a Frappe Cloud issue or a bug with ERPNext. But this only occurs with version 14 (not 13).

To recreate:

  1. Hosted on Frappe Cloud
  2. Login as User
  3. navigate to domain (any linked with frappe cloud)

If the user is logged in, it throws a 404 error (I can still access desk without issue). If a user is not logged in, they can see the website without issue.

Has anybody seen this? Has anybody been able to overcome the issue??


hello have you found solution??

@buildwithhussain I am also getting same issue please guide.

Hi! Have you raised a GitHub issue yet? I would suggest you to raise a GitHub issue and steps to replicate. The team can help you out there.


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Okay, Thanks a lot.