Error 414 trying to post image file using frappeclient

error 414 trying to post base64 image file using Frappe Client

img_file = settings.BASE_DIR+str(stud.picture.file)
b64 = base64.encodestring(open(str(stud.picture.file), "rb").read())

stud_dict = {

    "doctype": "Enrollees",
    "first_name": stud.first_name,
    "middle_name": stud.middle_name,
    "last_name": stud.last_name,
    "incoming_level": stud.level,
    "gender": stud.gender,
    "strand_1": stud.strand,  # G11-12 Only
    "lrn_1": stud.lrn,
    "in_case_of_emergency": stud.contact_person_relation,
    "birthdate": str(stud.birthdate),
    "modified_datetime": str(stud.modified_datetime),
    "section": student_section,
    "picture": b64

params = {'data': str(results)}

res = client.post_api('wela.registration.phototaking.sync_photo', params)

Response is 414 Request-URI Too Large

Already edited nginx.conf
followed this: Configuring Nginx for large URIs - Stack Overflow
But still receiving the same error

solved just increased size to much more higher amount.