ERROR Add Item on Purchase Order (Urgent, after the latest update)

Dear Sir,

Our site (with online hosting) has just been updated to the latest ERPNext. And now every time we want to add an item onto Purchase Order, this error always comes up.

It says something about Manufacturer Part No, which is a variable on the Purchase Order Item. We hardly populate this Manufacturer Part No at all, but now it’s giving error.

Please help.

Thank you.

Best Rgds.


Please check if item have a any Manufacturer Part No set in Item Manufacturer Doctype or not.
And if has part number then remove/delete it.

Then check it.


Thank you, but we tried and none of our items is using Manufacturer Part No.

We have a work around, by creating Purchase Order from Purchase Request (using the Get Items feature), or from other DocType which has the option to create Purchase Order, such as Sales Order.

This only occurs on the March update. Previously we can just create new Purchase Order directly and start to enter all the items we want to input.

Not sure if this is intended or an accidental by-product of some other updates.

Thank you.