Error after update (2015-05-28): Toggling between form and print [solved]

Dear developer,

I habe a problem after the latest update today. In Sales order after saving a new one or opening an existing sales order I can toggle to the print layout by using the litte printer symbol. After that, the print layout is displays correctly.

But after clicking the litte printer symbol again to toggle back to the form, I got a blank screen. In the console the following error occurs. Can you help me here please?


Hi @ThiloV

  1. Does this happen for all document types or only for certain types of documents?
  2. Do you have any Custom Scripts in your system?
  3. Are you on cloud or your own setup?


Hi @anand,

sorry for wasting your time. After your response I have done bench update and started new. Now everything is fine. Please delete or close this post!

best regards