Error Ammount Paid in Sales Invoice with POS View

Hi all,

I’m very new with ERPNext, and an amateur for programming language. I just love ERPNext for it’s easy to use for non technical user like me.

I had setup my ERPNext in Digital Ocean. Try to learn the feature in ERPNext before I implement this system within the company. Already create some users, customers, items and sales partners everything looks easy.

But then, I stuck with an error calculation when creating a sales invoice, with POS view. Maybe someone in this forum can help me out.

First, I choose customer then choose the item that I want to sell. The price for that item is RP 95.000

Then, when I clicked Pay, it showed the wrong input numbers by default, especially in Amount Paid just like the image below. If I change that numbers, example : Rp 100.000, I got a wrong calculation.

I think there is something wrong with the source number. Or maybe I did something wrong too. If there is someone could help me with this, I will appreciate it.

@satriandaru Welcome to the forum!

Can you add 100,000 in amount paid and check?

@rmehta Yes, this is what happen when I change the amount paid to 100,000

@satriandaru seems strange. Works okay for me using your number format too

Did you also change your number format from Setup > System Settings to #.###,##?

@rmehta it is strange. I also tried to change the number format settings, but was not affecting the amount paid format.

But I just deleted all the company transaction, and now it’s working like normal again. Maybe there was some mistake that I made when putting some data in ordering or purchasing items. I hope this kind of problems does not occur anymore in the future.

Thanks for the help!