Error configuring Email Domain

Can’t save email domain. Plays error sound and shows this on the console.

Any idea why?
Bitnami installation, v13.8.

Unfortunately, the way Email Domain is designed, you cannot save unless online validation happens:

  1. You click the Save button.
  2. The code connects to the Internet, and tries to verify your Email Domain’s server names, ports, and options are valid.
  3. If anything is incorrect? (wrong port, you marked 'Use TLS' when you’re not supposed to, etc.)
    • Then the record refuses to save.
    • You must either fix some setting (with no indication of what might be wrong). Or abandon your record, and lose the data.

All you can do is keep adjusting your Email Domain settings, until you get it right.

The thing is, it works fine on my development server, and on another production server as well.

Seems like an issue with this specific instance but there is nothing much I can do with minimal error log :confused: