Error creating pick list from SO

This Warehouse Tree of my company
In the sale order, if I select the parent warehouse - Khu A, an error occurs when creating the Pick list: “not available in any of the warehouses”
But if I select the Child-warehouse, the picklist only includes the products from that warehouse, and does not show the quantity of products that can be sourced from other warehouses.

Can any body help me :((

Because 5SOJU does not have 30 units in the selected warehouse, please check the stock of the item.

You have to check for all item.

I am certain that there is stock in the Child-warehouse. The issue occurs when I select the parent warehouse. I have also selected the parent warehouse before and the system ran normally. This error has only started happening recently.

All I know is that you need to choose the warehouse that has the stock. It’s that simple!

Even when I don’t select a warehouse, the system still retrieves the information on the picklist. Since you are the developer, I think you should investigate why this error is occurring instead of blaming the user. I can provide you with an account so you can check where the error is coming from.

Please check the customized form of sales order and see if the Set source Warehouse option already have any warehouse name set in the options.
If yes then remove it.

I have checked and no warehouse is selected.

try fetch from option and check again

This is a new sites, I dont customize anythings