Error creating Sales Invoice and Delivery note on v12 after database[v10] restore


I’ve recently restored my v10 database on a v12 fresh server. The restore was successful without any hiccup. But when I went ahead testing the new version, I faced these errors while creating sales invoice and delivery note.

As for the delivery note error, I think this happened as my v10 production environment has an issue in the COGS ledger and stock ledger cause by some serial with comma bug. Ref link of a separate thread> Cost of Goods Sold valuation is messed up suddenly

Creating that journal entry now allows me to create delivery notes just fine. But, I don’t want to create a journal entry rather than fixing the real issue that caused these stock ledger differences.

As for the sales invoice, I’m getting this error while creating an invoice with the option “Update Stock”. If I create an invoice without update stock, it gets saved and submitted. But once this error appear, unchecking the update stock option still won’t let me submit the invoice. Reporting the error shows me this message, which I don’t think is the real issue [I’ve tried adding a support email in site_config.json]

I’d really to have this issue resolved as I’ve been trying to move to v12 for quite some time.

Thanks in advance.