Error: Data missing in table

Hi, I would like to ask, what does this error mean? I’ve cleared the table before hiding it so what causes this error? Thank you for anyone who could answer.

@Rabie_Moses_Santilla Maybe you want to share some more details?

This is my code…

On load the table non_jewelry_items is hidden and not require while the table jewelry_items is mandatory. Now, when you select the pawn_type field to Non Jewelry items the two fields reverses. When I save the document this error appears.

Interesting. How does it behave if you have “jewelry_items” non-mandatory from beginning/per default.

I would assume that the flow of updating mandatory flag vs. check of mandatory items is causing the issue. Or, the change of mandatoy flag is not repsected at all?

No, the “jewelry_items” table is mandatory in initialization and the “non_jewelry_items” in not

if “jewelry_items” is mandatory , you cant clear it