Error "DocTpe Timesy List not found" while opening Sales Invoice

Facing this weird error while trying to open “Sales Invoice” Doctype.
I have hosted my site on Frappe Cloud. It suddenly started to show an error when trying to open “Sales Invoice”. I request anyone who can help, to suggest which area should look upon.


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Were you able to solve it? Having the same issue in my cloud instance. No other Apps are installed there. This error seems to occur for Purchase Invoice as well.

If you had installed any custom application then just check from customize form to remove references to custom doctype like timesy

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Thanks for the help. Found the field! Guess the custom fields are not deleted when the apps are removed. This was the custom field causing the error. There is one more field related to timesy. Not sure what app had this. But it is one of the apps on the Marketplace.

This was due to Custom Fields referencing a DocType that don’t exist.

You should be able to find the Timesy field in Customize Form > Purchase Invoice. Deleting the custom field solved this issue.

example Reference:

Note: There are other DocTypes referencing the Timesy List DocType