Error during bulk Item master upload


I am uploading new items using .csv template. When I tried to upload with 100 items, it is working but more than 100 items, getting error “Valid row (#21) 265458900304”.

Can someone please help me to identify the issue.

Please find below csv file.

Thanks in advance.

Satish Aralkar

Can you please check your data and see how Row 21 is different from others.

I would suggest - as I am also uploading and importing lots of data at the moment to examine Row 21 in Detail. I encountered Problems with special Characters - which I see in your products.

Best regards,

Hi Kanchan,
Thanks for the reply.
I am getting issue to all items in CSV file.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply.

I tried with removing all wild characters and upload but did not worked. I found some of the records were duplicate which I removed and it worked.

So my learning is that, check the error log, work on error messages (if record is duplicate, remove record from file) then system will allow to upload all the records.


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