Error during erpnext v13 installation

this attachment an error when i am going to install erpnext v13

@OSError: Please check proxy URL

any help !

What OS are you installing on

ubuntu 20.04

After looking at your screen shot, it appears that you are attempting to install ERPNext from an incorrect directory.

If you are installing on Ubuntu v20.04, then you should have created a regular user in the system to do all of the installation work.

For example:

If you setup a user called “my_erpnext” then you would also have a home directory for that account located at /home/my_erpnext

You should be in the /home/my_erpnext directory to do all installation work. That means that the bench directory for the installation would be at:


Judging from your posted screen capture, you were attempting to run the installation from a OS system directory and not a standard user directory.

Hope this helps…

BKM :nerd_face:

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