Error faced during uninstall-app - Latest

Today I did a Fresh Install from master branch today

=> bench get-app --branch master erpnext

And installed the app into my site.
=> bench --site [mysitename] install-app erpnext

After that I was able to successfully setup a company in ERPNEXT.
After viewing chart of accounts, I wanted a different suffix in Chart of accounts, so I thought of uninstalling the app, and then re-install again.

So I did uninstall :
=> bench --site [mysitename] uninstall-app erpnext

Everything went fine till before the Step removing Module Accounts…
In the Step removing Module Accounts, the following error was thrown

frappe.exceptions.LinkExistsError: Cannot delete or cancel because Module Def Accounts is linked with Notification Notification for new fiscal year

After installation, I created a company, and Logged-in viewed the Chart of Accounts, and immediately proceeded with the uninstall-app. I did not do any thing else inside ERPNEXT.

I want to add that, last week when I did the above steps, it worked perfectly.
So my hint is : some recent patches or fixes might be creating this problem.

Request Help.

I created a Issue today :

Regarding this, changing the abbreviation in your company page will update the accounts names too.

Thanks , I will try this out for Changing the Abbreviation.

I tried changing the Abbreviation in the company, Change Abbreviation option, it did not update the Chart of accounts Suffix.
Replace Abbr - Popup .

I saw a work-around provided in the Link

Will try this apporach…

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