Error for row (#21) : {"message": "Item XL7414 appears multiple times in Price List Selling Rate", "indicator": "red"}

I had renamed the default price list “Standard Selling” to Selling Rate". I wanted to import the data for Item Prices for all the items specified in my Item Master. I dragged the “Selling Rate” text to the entire column of price list in the excel template. However, while importing the error shows up. Can you please tell me how to fix and what is the issue?

Hi @rjridhi12,

Import error occurred while creating the Item Price because Item Price for the Item mentioned in the error already exists with the same item code and price list.

If you wish to update the Item Price Data please first import the Item Price template with Data and then try to import.



I did not quite understand. Apologies. But The price list is not there. I just have mentioned the details of the Rate and the Item Code in my Item Master and now I was trying to create the Price List.