Error Frappe Erpnext on ubuntu 14.04 installation

im getting error while installting,
im very new of ubuntu and erpnext
using ubuntu 14.04 VNC on VPS
please help me
fresh rebuild
used these commands
sudo apt-get install python-minimal
sudo python --production --user frappe

Looks like apt-get couldn’t download curl when it was run probably a network error.

Can you confirm you have internet access on this machine as curl is downloaded right at the start of the script if I remember rightly.

Otherwise try rerunning the script again

thank you @Julian_Robbins , Yes i have internet access on the machine,
infact im replying from the same machine. i run the same command i get the same error, please help me to find out the solution



sudo apt-get update

Then check for errors then rerun script


Thank you for your Prompt reply, i run that command and get the same error again. :frowning:

i have 512 Ram on my VPS, is that make problem ?

Anyone there please help me…

system info

the issue is with ubuntu not being able to download curl. It’s returning a 404 meaning that the URL being checked for curl doesn’t exist. Try to investigate the reason for that

is anyone have solution ???

If you have not run this, this might help with your 404 error ‘sudo apt-get update’

Dear Sir,

i am new for erpnext installation and need a proper guidance for installation of ERPNEXT on ubuntu 18.04. I have tried many times but cannot do a proper installation. Every time, some error occurs.

So, i need a proper step by step guidance for installation and creating new site on local host and on http port.

Please send me link or video for ERPNEXT installation. I will install it on virtual machine.