Error in adding css to html after build.json and files were configured

i created a new app called “membership_loyalty” and i want to add a base template and some pages to the app and for base template i created a html file called “membership_loyalty_base_template.html” in apps/frappe/frappe/templates directory and added a css file “membership_loyalty_base_template.css” in apps/frappe/frappe/public/css directory now i want to link the css file with the html file

i went to the docs and related post in frappe forum and added the below content in build.json
“css/membership_loyalty.min.css”: [
build.json file is at “apps/frappe/frappe/public”

also added below content in
web_include_css = [“/assets/membership_loyalty/css/membership_loyalty_base_template.css”] file is at “apps/frappe/frappe”

so what might be the error the css file is not linked with the html file

It seems like build.json was deprecated in v14. Stumbled upon this after facing the same problem