❗ Error in bank reconciliation tool - not possible to match against voucher

Hi there :wave:

I have encountered a recurring issue, specifically related to the “Match Against Voucher” functionality. I have created a video that precisely captures the error in action.

The problem arises when attempting to execute “Match Against Voucher,” and the system consistently generates the following error message: “Could not find Row #1: Payment Entry: [xxxxx].” Despite confirming the existence of both the payment entry and the journal entry, the error persists.

Your expertise and guidance in rectifying this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Since there is not much information given, it is hard to state this as a bug, maybe the record was deleted and you need to do a hard reload. Kindly share the error output maybe one will be able to help.

Hello @imbra, thank you very much for reaching out.

Were you able to see the video?

Basically I’m trying to execute the action “Match Against Voucher” and then after submit I get the error msg: “Could not find Row #1: Payment Entry: [xxxxx].” However, I don’t know precisely what this error msg means, since there is a payment entry and indeed there is a Row # 1 in the payment entry.

I did watch the video but there may be a lot more than what meets the eye, open the logs and check what error it gives when you submit.