Error in Cancellation of Leave a\Allocation

Need to cancel leave allocation that is already expired but with approved leave attached to it. Need to cancel to make the balance no longer visible to employee during leave application.

Why not just cancel the linked leave application?
Since it is expired it should not show up in the next leave application.

the Linked Leave Application is already approved so cant be cancelled. Probably the ask do I still need to cancel the leave allocation when the balance is already set to expired? The ultimate objective is for these not be visible anymore to employees.? Appreciate your response.

I mean, if you don’t want the employee to take leave (assuming the leave is supposed to be expired, but it was approved instead), then you can cancel the leave application. (Regardless if it is approved or not.)

But if you only want the leaves to not be shown in the leave application (once the leaves have expired), then that is how the default system works, if I’m not wrong. So no intervention is needed from your end.

okay got it …thanks much for the help!