Error in download VM image

Download ERPNext VM is form URL: is failing with error

This site can not be reached. Is there an alternative source for download complete file with all modules ?

Hey @Sarvesh, the images on the site were several major releases behind IIRC. And the site is not maintained anymore.

Check out the alternate installation methods. You might want to try out the containerized method that uses Docker.

For a temporary (4 hour) trial account, you can try out the PWD instance via the Frappe / ERPNext Readmes.

I am told Docker based deployment has securirt issues. While VM image is more secure. Please help me with the location of download for lated version of ERPNext as a VM copy.

Please report any issues on Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

@zwessels It is good practice to run one service per container. It helps for debugging, logging, scaling, reusability, upgrades, security etc.
I suggest you to look at these sources:

Best practices for writing Dockerfiles | Docker Documentation
docker - Why it is recommended to run only one process in a container? - DevOps Stack Exchange

frappe/bench image is meant to be used development. It would be near to impossible to develop and debug something on production Docker setup. Frappe framework has quite a lot external dependencies and this image helps to bootstrap local development.

If you want not to worry about Docker and stuff, just use official virtual machine image. pipech’s image is a compromise.


Note: pipech’s image is a compromise.

For using containers. DO NOT use them if you already are not using them elsewhere.

You will need to understand containers and docker first if you plan to use them to self-host any FOSS application.

Generally whoever is successfully using containers has some experience with them. Users are also contributing best practices back to frappe_docker.

Security compared to vm or native install:

  • no sudoer
  • no root user in any container
  • no unnecessary applications in image
  • Advance user only: Try rootless containers with new docker or podman. With that there is no daemon to be started as root.

Business users please go to frappecloud. Even for trials use frappe cloud. You will get official support. There is a full team of engineers managing everything for you.

If you still want to self host. Learn Linux setup and configuration, bash/shell scripts, docker, DNS, web hosting, networking and firewall for the basics. Use official documentation and search engine for that.