Error in Email configuration

I am getting the below error on version 11.1.9 while configuring email account.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘label’ of undefined
at o.get_value (multiselect.js:41)
at o.get_value (class.js:53)
at o.get_values (multiselect.js:71)
at o.get_data (multicheck.js:1)
at o.get_data (class.js:53)
at o.get_awesomplete_settings (autocomplete.js:38)
at o.get_awesomplete_settings (multiselect.js:11)
at o.get_awesomplete_settings (class.js:53)
at o.setup_awesomplete (autocomplete.js:74)
at o.make_input (autocomplete.js:12)
get_value @ multiselect.js:41
(anonymous) @ class.js:53
get_values @ multiselect.js:71
get_data @ multicheck.js:1
(anonymous) @ class.js:53
get_awesomplete_settings @ autocomplete.js:38
get_awesomplete_settings @ multiselect.js:11
(anonymous) @ class.js:53
setup_awesomplete @ autocomplete.js:74
make_input @ autocomplete.js:12
(anonymous) @ class.js:53
t @ base_input.js:60
refresh_input @ base_input.js:85
refresh @ base_control.js:95
attach_doc_and_docfields @ layout.js:319
refresh @ layout.js:217
make @ field_group.js:23
(anonymous) @ class.js:53
make @ dialog.js:46
frappe.ui.Dialog @ dialog.js:17
make @ communication.js:16
init @ communication.js:15
_f.Frm.email_doc @ form.js:265
(anonymous) @ toolbar.js:130
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3

I have another instance, which is on version 11.1.3, where I am able to send mails as usual.

Can someone suggest what can be done…

There is an outstanding bug in 11.1.9 regarding email. See GitHub issues in Frappe

Reported here EMAIL broken - LATEST UPDATE · Issue #16742 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

See also Email button/menu not working due to JavaScript exception · Issue #6968 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Thank you… Solved now