Error in Import chart of account via .csv

Hello everyone
I am trying to import the Peruvian chart of accounts in .csv via import tool.
For this, first download the default plan and use this as a template, in the same note that the first level accounts have the field “parent_account” blank.
When doing the import in the Peruvian plan it indicates me error with the message that the field “parent_account” is obligatory.
I do not understand why in the default plan it allows the “parent_account” field to be blank and when I import via .csv I get an error.
If someone can tell me how to overcome this difficulty I will be very grateful.
Fernando Sánchez

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Since Accounts are maintained in a tree structure, it must have a parent account. There are some group accounts created by default which are:

You can specify once of these accounts (or accounts under them) as a group account in the Chart of Accounts.

Firstly, I will sugggest you to review the standard Chart of Accounts in your system. May be create few Accounts manually. This should give an understanding how to add values in the excel file to import Accounts successfully.

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