Error in Multi level BOM

in production order of some product which produce of the products which produce of other item when i check" use multi-level BOM" in production order in Operations part program add all operation that defined in system not only operation that relate to product
for example:
i defined item “Product1” , “Product2”
that in bom of “Product1” i use "operation 1 " and some items
and in bom of "Product2 " i use “operation2” and in items i use “Product1”
and when i create production order for "Product2 " and check “Use Multi-Level BOM” in production order system add all operation that defined in system i means operation1,operation2,operation3,…
tnx for your support


You should check multi-level BOM if you want to consider the ultimate raw-materials required for an item for manufacturing. If you want to produce sub-assembly at a time by creating separate Production Order for then, you should not check “Use Multi-level BOM” field.

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but i didnt undesrstand completely

Can you please elaborate what should be expected behaviour? Should it post operations of Product 2 only? Or it should post operations of Product 1 and Product 2.