Error in Place of Supply

Hello @snv

When I save the transaction system throws the error for the place of supply, please find the screenshot below and guide me.


Hi @riddhi1,

Which trancation do faced error?

while save Purchase Order, sales order, purchase invoice

Hi @riddhi1,

Same scenario worked on purchas order and also on sales order.

Please check the video of purchase order.

Thank You!

okay, the place of the supply field is read-only at my side and not on your side, and I am also facing this while creating purchase invoice as well. can you please tell me what module of this custom field in your site ??

Hi @riddhi1, my site is currenly fresh, no any customization set in new site. And we checked in local so we did not faced any issue.

Hello @snv,

Can we change/update the condition like

options = doc.meta.get_field("place_of_supply").options
valid_options = options.split("\n") if options else []

first assigns the value of doc.meta.get_field("place_of_supply").options to options . If options is not None , then it splits the string by the newline character ā€œ\nā€ and assigns the resulting list to valid_options . If options is None , then it assigns an empty list to valid_options .

Is it ok or not?

Thank You!

@snv Can you please help over this

Please refer to Github issues:

I am not entirely sure why this issue is happening on Frappe Cloud. I will investigate it. But please review the suggestions in the aforementioned issues and let me know what helps or if nothing helps.

More context:

We had converted the fields from Data to Autocomplete with relevant options 2 months ago, in following PR (released in v14.3.0):

The issue is only showing up recently, which is really weird.

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I have attempted to do the validation in a better way (should be available in next release):

Edit: This fix has now has been released.

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