Error in Price List for Items with updated prices

I updated the prices of some of my items through item master. When I check in the Item Price list, the old prices show. Does it not take standard selling rate(from Item Master) and update the prices in item price list?

  1. If I specify prices in the item master and tell this is a purchase as well as a sales item. In the Item Price both the boxes of buying and selling get checked. How to fix this?
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No, it is only the first time while creating price list, system sets standard selling rate as price list rate. Later if you change the rate in the item master, it does not update in the Price List.

Why you want to change this? Is it not the expected behaviour? To do that, I think you need to change the code.

  1. So If I need to update prices, I will have to do it both for my item master and item price master?

  2. what are these check boxes anyway for? I was of the opinion that it is to separate whether a price list is for buying or selling. however, if both gets checked, what does it mean?

Don’t update in Item master, it is not used anywhere, only sets Price List rate for the first time.

You are right. System should set only “Selling” checkbox, while creating Price List based on standard selling rate. Can you please raise an issue in github giving you suggestion.

@nabinhait- Thank you for your response.

I am sorry but I am an amateur with respect to this system and the backend. Could you please tell me how to raise the issue on github?