Error in Purchase Invoice "Field not permitted in query: export_type"

Getting an error When I Select Supplier in Purchase Invoice
“Field not permitted in query: export_type”
How to make sure that this error will not occur again?

what you try to do.?

I make a purchase Invoice Entry when I select a supplier message that has occurred.

“Field not permitted in query: export_type”

did you edit/custom your purchase invoice before?
theres problem with field called export_type.

try to edit your puchase invoice doctype, locate the export_type field and remove it.

Did anyone get solution to this?

Hi Sagar, i think this is something to do with India Compliance App?

I see in the code that the export_type field gets deleted while installation.

Thanks in advance

Dear Mr. @Gupta_123,

This issue is connected with Custom Field export_type. Search for custom fields in ERP Next and search for this field. Share the screenshot of this field completely.

For this supplier, check for the GST status. What is the category of GST selected?

The above both should fix this. Basically, a condition on the custom field “export_type” is triggering this alert.