Error in Quotation after update from V 7.1.15 to 7.1.16

After updating ERPNext from V 7.1.15 to 7.1.16, I am getting error in opening any old quotation. Creating new quotation from Lead or opportunity is also leading to error. Tried updating to 7.1.18 but still getting same error.

Chrome shows below error log.
VM394:403 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘grid’ of undefined.

Screen goes blur, screen shot as below.

clicking on VM394:403 in chrome points to below code:

	if(this.frm.fields_dict["packed_items"].grid.get_field('batch_no')) {
			this.frm.set_query("batch_no", "packed_items", function(doc, cdt, cdn) {
				return me.set_query_for_batch(doc, cdt, cdn)

@Mukesh_Variyani thanks for reporting. Let me push a fix.

Edit: Fixed. Please update your bench again.

Thanks a lot for quick fix. Issue resolved.:slight_smile: