Error In report - Insufficient Permission

In latest develop, if a user wants to check any report, then it is giving an error - “Insufficient Permission for DocType xxxxxx”. If you want to open General Ledger it will complain about GL Entries, in case of sales reports, it will be sales invoice.

The error can be reproduced on Goto any report, General Ledger; Inactive Customer or Stock Ledger. A message will pop up showing the error.


Could be a restricted access. Please test it locally and confirm. The demo user on beta has a few constraints.

Already done. Thats why I wanted to check on the beta to confirm.


Even in case of an Admin account?

It works only when if you are admin. Specific permissions are not working. Infact I check in the local install somehow the comparision of the permission is happening with DocType and not with the actual document say GL Entry.

In that case, have an issue raised on

Done. Insufficient Permissions #13248

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Is this issue resolved? I am facing the same issue on the develop platform. The reports open for administrator, but not for any other user.