Error in Salary Calculation

Dear Team,

We have added Salary Structure, in which all the components are added accurately.

All the Employees’ salary slips we have cross checked by Preview option.

Issue / Error we faced:
Employees having joining date in this month (May 2017), even after keeping component unchecked Depends on LWP, it calculates amount on pro-rata bases.
Hence amount like Professional Tax is also calculated on Pro-rata bases by taking working days according to Date pof Joining.

Rest of the things like for those employees who have full month working have no error.


Sorry for the issue .
I can replicate the issue in the test account as well. Will create a github issue for the same and update once fixed.

Please refer the github issue Salary calculation Error. · Issue #9013 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
if you can add screenshot of issue faced on github that will help to better replicate the issue and fix it.