Error in salary slip doctype

Whenever i try to make any change in salary slip doctype and hit save, i get an error like this:

Can someone please explain how i can rectify this
Thank you

What changes you have done in salary slip doctype ?

I have’nt done any changes yet. When i try to make changes this error appears

First, note that the timesheet field is not provided in the salary slip. Please check if the field has been added, and if it has, remove it. salary slip provide the Salary Slip Timesheet table.

If you have nothing to add or change, reload the form and check it again. If it still doesn’t work, click on “Reset All Customizations.”

Hi @NCP ,
You are suggesting solution for changes made through customization form. What about changes made in doctype. Is there a way to reset it?


read the documentation.

Othewise remove the unnecessary field from the salary slip doctype and trim the table.

Thank you for you reply @NCP ,
Even after reload and reset all customization event, I could’nt edit in doctype or customize form. And when i try to remove the unnecessary fields i get this error:

I think you added a custom field directly in the doctype. First, you need to remove the custom field from the doctype, not from the customization form. If you want to add a custom field, please do it through the customize form, not directly in the doctype.