Error in Startup Wizard

Hi I installed ERPNEXT some weeks ago without any problem, i test the ERP system, and now i’d wanted to create a new installation to start to use it.

In this case i receve this message at the end of setup wizard:

Impossible to find row #1: Domain: Service

I’m installing ERPNEXT in Italian language, like the previous installation, if i proceed with the setup using english language instead it works. Any idea?


Can you post screen shot of the error or console log details?

this is the message

This is the translation:
-Will be add the role of System Manager to this user, because should be exist one System Manager.

  • The setting of this address default mode, because there are not other defects
    -Impossible to find row #1: Domain: Services
    -There were some errors.

It seems that it can’t translate the domain that shoud be “Servizi” in italian language, but also in the message it says:"Dominio: Services ".

If you need some informations about the log, tell me what log file you need to see, and i’ll copy it here.


This certainly seems plausible, as it seems to occur in the same way for German too: Setup Wizard fails in German · Issue #9454 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub