Error in Total amount in words

We are using ERP next for Bahrain.

I make rounded in total as 3.
Total in number is coming perfectly. for Eg: 428.300

But in words its coming like (Four hundred and twenty Eight and thirty Fills) instead on four hundred and Twenty eight and three hundred fills).

How can i change the amount in words for last three decimals place.

Attached snap shot for reference.


Sorry that In Words amount cannot be configured to consider Rounded Total instead of Grand Total. Instead you can consider hiding a Rounded Total from the Print Format. Also noteworthy that posting in the Accounts is done based on Grand Total. Rounded Total is only for the reference and doesn’t have any impact on the accounting.

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Dear Umair,

Words printing out by reference of grand total. But see the conversion. Here we need three decimal places.

But while converting the grand total instead of three hundred its coming only thirty.

Hello @fas143, a fix for this issue has been pushed to the hotfix branch. It’ll soon be live

Thanks a lot