Error in uploading chart of accounts

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I’m trying to upload a chart of account from the old company to a new one but i get this error during import.
“Please identify/create Account (Group) for type - Bank , Stock , Cash”

Does anyone also encountered this error and knows how to fix this? Thank you in advance.

have you mentioned Account Type in your CSV file?

Yes, I have the account types. The accounts that i’m uploading are all from an existing company.
Below is the screenshot of a part of my csv file.

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It seems like the problem is within the csv file. When i copied and pasted the values as plain text and numbers, the error does not exist anymore and the upload was successful.

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Pardon my noob question, but where did you copy and paste this?

The starter chart of accounts doesn’t work for me, and I tried to upload and got the same error, even when all info is there.

Could you please specify ? Thanks in advance for your answer.

The error is the Null/Blank values under “Is Group” column, you should put 0 or 1.
Danish, I emailed you the corrected file. In addition to this, the Account Type “Income” and “Expenses” are not valid Account Type. Just leave those blank. Also, for Parent Accounts (“Is Group” is 1), the Account Type should be blank also.
It should upload with no errors now.

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I would just like to note that the error message “Please identify/create Account (Group) for type - Bank , Stock , Cash” is misleading; a Parent Account (with Is Group=1) should have null value in the Account Type Column.
Also, would like to ask mark.mondray if the successfully loaded file has null value in the “Is Group” column, since that’s the error I corrected.

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Thanks for this. This solved my issue.
The error message is misleading

All thanks to the amazing @bernealmazan

My pleasure to be of help.