Error in User rights


write now i have updated my server but after update i stuck on login

how can we solve this tried to run bench update, bench update --reset, but no luck

Run these two commands:

bench update --patch 
bench update --build

I’m 99.9% sure this will fix the problem :wink:

Already tried but no luck

Leaves me with one last option:
bench migrate to apply schema changes and data migrations if any that happened after the update. then run those two again. Make sue you clear your cache / try a different browser.

Tried the same but no luck

Got the system reinstall into develop restore the database, system is start working now

Now the problem is the rights to the user given is not proper how to rectify

Sir I tried to apply the rules and the rights but the situation is same

how to reset to default rights

bench reset-perms

Of course ERPNext refers to as permissions what you refer to as rights!

@clarkej Sir Still Having issue!

Given HR Manager, And Hr user as the role, but still the user are not able to see the employees and other HR function and one column is there on the top right of the form Restricted how to remove that ristriction


Just figured out the issue, need manually to remove permission set and it’s done