Error Install ERPNEXT on AWS EC2

I’m having an error when running “bench start” for ERPNEXT
can help me?

Can you share error details? Or you are bothered about warnings in the bench start console?

I don’t know what the error is like, but when I run “bench start”, it only runs up to the one in the picture

have you tried via browser to access your account?

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I tried to access the existing URL but I can’t show what "

there is absolutely no problem with output of bench start command that you shared above.

If you are able to access your instance on browser then there is no actually no issue, you can continue with your ERPNext instance.

If your are facing any difficulty, while accessing ERPNext app on browser please share the screenshots.

Sorry if I am sounding rude but its a fact, without proper description and screenshots no one on this forum will able to help you.

thank you for responding, I myself am also confused how to explain the problem during this install process

If you’re running develop branch then you have to open port 8000 in security groups under network security. Make sure you do this in the security group being used by your instance. Then open a browser and go to http://your-aws-instance-ip:8000 to continue the bench start process

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